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"eternal flame"

*~*The Dedication Page*~*
*revised September 11, 2003*

Without a doubt, September 11th, 2001 will go down as one of the darkest days in world history. The enormity of the attacks on New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania was unlike anything that most of today's generation has ever seen. The idea of people being pulverized to dust in the World Trade Towers, and evaporated by thousands of degrees of heat in the planes is beyond reason. The amount of loss was CLEARLY devastating.


In light of the horrible chain of events that took place that day, I've recently realized that September 11th isn't "just" a day of mourning, nor SHOULD it be. Here's the reason why I feel this way.

One day,I was watching an episode of the popular MTV series, "The Real World" (Chicago series). That particular episode had been taped a year before...on Sept. 11th. Of course, the roomates were horrified by what they saw on the television. At the same time, on that day, it was the birthday of one of the roomates. It clearly wasn't a "happy" one for her, and I felt bad for her. She was already having problems communicating with her mother, and here she was, on her birthday, watching the devastation on television instead of celebrating. You could tell she was upset by it all. I don't recall anyone wishing her happy birthday, even as the horrible events were unfolding. My heart broke for her.

Her sadness struck me in a way that I did not expect. I was moved by the fact that there will be countless of others, like her, who will forever be linked to that day of death, by their day of birth (as well as those celebrating days before and right after 9/11).

There are others as well, who will be marking that day with other important events. Perhaps, a wedding important milestone at work...the death of loved ones and pets not related to the terroristic attacks, and so on. I fear these people will be forgotten somewhat in the haze of tributes. This is certainly not to say that the tributes are NOT fitting...absolutely not. I'm just taking the time to acknowledge those who also have a reason to mark the day as an important one. Please, after reading this, don't forget about these people. Send off a prayer, good vibes, etc. out into the world, and if you happen to know someone who is marking this day as a "personal special" one, let them know that they are also in your thoughts.

So, in tribute, and in memory, I light this candle for you all:

May it burn brightly in your hearts and souls for all time. Peace and blessings.

"LadySycamore", 2002.

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