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"Why do people with closed minds always open their mouths?"-Unknown
"We've become a race of peeping Toms. What people ought to do is get outside their own house and look in, for a change." -Alfred Hitchcock, "Rear Window"
(Just a couple of my many favorite personal quotes.)

This is me, your friendly webmistress. This was taken by the"God-S"(a very close friend of mine) 6 years ago in her backyard. The cute white fluffy dog in the background is her dog, Dax.

Well, here's all the gory details about me:(well, maybe not ALL...aheh!)

Rhoda Elaine Strickland


*AGE* 33

Currently: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, originally from Baltimore, Maryland.
For more about my city/state of birth, check out my section called CharmCity2000
I'm STILL trying to gather materials for this section, but there are a few links that you can check out that are up and running.

Currently unemployed due to health issues and a poor job market. I'm actually looking into changing careers (photography). If there is anyone in the Philadelphia area looking for a photographer, contact "Sycamore"at Sycamore Media for more details.

My "heart", Terry..hehe, listening to music, reading, light traveling (long drives), hanging out, staying home, taking pictures, "true friends", and the internet (although my time online has dwindled drastically in the last year or so).

Backstabbing friends, liars, people who confuse opinions with facts, unprofessional coworkers, and just negativity in general.
I'm basically a no-nonsense kind of gal, and one heck of a nice person, and a devoted friend 'till the end...if you don't cross me, then it's all good. :p

*See, I'm not such a bad person...only 47% of the time...hehe!*

Let me start off by saying this: Have you ever met someone who comes into your life, and just changes it for the better, in every way? That's what Terry has done for me, and I don't know where I'd be without him. We met on a mailing list in December of 1998, and we became fast friends. We took our friendship to the "next level" in March of 1999, and it's been the most wonderful experience I've ever known.
He moved here to the East Coast in August of 1999 from St. Louis, Missouri to start a new life with me, and now we have our own little home in NE Philly. Life is good..:-) Can't believe that we've been together for 4 years!
To find out more about Terry, and how we met, check out my section devoted to him:
SPECIAL thanks to "my sweetie" for helping me to put our pics up for viewing, as well as inspiring me to do great things with this site..I love you!! xoxo

Well, let's see now: (besides being with T...hehe)

Fav Music/Genres:

80's alternative/new wave, R&B, club/techno/dance, classical, comtemporary jazz, and Middle Eastern music..really! It's great stuff! I got turned onto this by taking a belly dance class with "The God-S"(mentioned on the index page) as her guest. Heh, let's just say at the time, I discovered muscles in my back that I didn't know that I had!! But the music...makes ya wanna shake sumthin! :p Here's one of my favorite Middle Eastern artist:
Hossam Ramzy
As far as artists, my range is pretty broad:

My favorite band of ALL time. :-)To learn more about this band, check out my "devotional" section:
Depeche Devotion

Other fav artist include: Maxwell, Prince, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Salt-n-Pepa, Alex Bugnon, Shonen me, this is a looong list, so I'll end it here. :-)


I started taking pictures in 1991, and it's been a hobby/obsession ever since. Although I haven't picked up the pro-cam in a while, I still reflect on the work that I've done with it. I *had* some photos for viewing on Photopoint, but it seems that Photopoint is no more. Ah, I guess I'll be working on trying to upload some pics directly onto the site as soon as I can. I would also like to make contact with other photographers. Email me at **.

Everyone has causes, believes, that they stand for or stand by. Click the link below to see what *I* personally support:
*Pause For the Cause*

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