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*Delilah spinning: From the VISIONARY DANCE PRODUCIONS website.

Welcome to my section that I've dedicated to Belly Dancing. I'm not a dancer, but I do own two pairs of zills (finger cymbals) that I like to play along with SouthEast Asian (or Middle Eastern) and mainstream music. Terry, my other half, hates them, so I don't play them when he's around. :p

At any rate, a very good friend of mine, who will be known in this section as LotusNiraja, started taking classes about seven years ago, and I was invited as a guest to one of her classes. Oh boy, I found that I had muscles that I didn't realize that I had, but it was quite the workout. Years later, she now teaches her own classes in Baltimore. She now has her own website devoted to her craft:
Elmishaal School of Belly Dance
Also, you can see her along with other performers at the Baltimore Bellydance website:
Her photo can be found here:
Lotus Niraja

Here are a few other sites that are my personal favorites:

~Aziza Sa'id~

Zaghareet's World

The leading Middle Eastern community on the web

This is Mayte Garcia: ex-wife of Prince Rogers Nelson. Click the photo to go to

This is a page in progress, so stay tuned for more links and photos!

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