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Welcome to the section of my site that is dedicated to my birth state of Maryland. It originally started as a Baltimore page, but a lot of things have happened to me since this section's humble beginnings. As always, this has been a "work of progress", and it's taken me almost two years to figure out how I want to proceed with this section! Currently, I'm on a quest to find cool Maryland backgrounds, graphics, etc. I want to do this up right, and not just have this be a "links" page. If anyone has any info on sites that would provide me with what I'm looking for, please feel free to email me. Thanks in advance!

I've finally learned how to use a scanner, so I've dug up some photos of Batimore and surrouding areas that I'll be uploading soon, so stay tuned!

At any rate, I'm going to keep the original name, because it just sounds cool...haha.

Keep checking in for updates. :-)





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