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Here are a list of my favorite links on the web. Try them out: they may become some of your favorites too. Enjoy. :-)

US Dept. of Energy-Listing of Internet Hoaxes. "In addition to describing hoaxes and chain letters found on the Internet, we will discuss how to recognize hoaxes, what to do about them, and some of the history of hoaxes on the Internet."

Need to know if an email that you received is "for real"? Go to this site. It's one of my personal favorite for debunking email hoaxes.

From 200 sites to browse through and learn about this anicient art of dance!
Think you know how old you really are? Check this site out, and discover your "real age".


NOBLE Web-North of Boston Exchange">Through The Years Holidays and Celebrations
A GREAT site to learn about cultures and traditions.

A site for "the rest of us". You'll know what I mean once you get there.

TONS of free stuff here!!
Facts, facts, and more facts!! Too much to mention...go to the site now!

This page contains language that may be offensive...use your best judgement when surfing this site.
This site rocks! It has a world clock, and sooo much more!! VISIT THE WORLD CLOCK

An absolutely HUGE site with info on major cities in the US and abroad.

Need a new job? I did, and they found a job for me!

Ever wonder where your favorite band got their name? Here's the site to browse to find out the answer.

GROOVERADIO.COM - the rhythm of the future.
Into the club scene? You like funky, hip, dance music? This is the place to be! Guest DJ's from around the world, Live Events, Contests, News, Chat room and oh, of course, live music is spun 24 hours a day! Go and take a listen!

Ever been harrassed online, or are you being harraseed right now? This is the site for you to reference. Here is their mission: "The mission of W.H.O.A. is to educate the Internet community about online harassment, empower victims of harassment, and formulate voluntary policies that systems administrators can adopt in order to create harassment-free environments. W.H.O.A. fully supports the right to free speech both online and off, but asserts that free speech is not protected when it involves threats to the emotional or physical safety of anyone. W.H.O.A. further asserts that online harassment is about power in a community: a power structure that has tended to accept or ignore harassment rather than actively seek to cease it." Want to know more? Go to the site!

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