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Most recent entry: August 3rd, 2004.

Hi everyone. For those who've been here before, welcome back. If you are new, this is the spot where I "go off" about various issues that I deem important, plus give a brief update on things to come for my site. Sit back and enjoy. :-)

Well, things have been motoring along quite nicely lately. Still no job, but I'm working on it, as always.

In the meantime, my dialysis board is going good...lots of new members in the past couple of months. I've created a new dialysis/renal failure group on MSN. The reason why I did that was because the chatroom on the main board has been giving some people some problems, so I created an alternative room to use:

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 MSN Groups

If you have an MSN ID, then you are halfway there. Just sign up as a member, and then the chatroom link is on the left hand side of the board.

Another thing that I have created is a page to sponsor me in the upcoming National Kidney Foundation Walk on October 10th. On the page, you will read a brief essay on my story dealing with renal failure and how I'm coping. I've become a supporter of advocacy, because I feel that for people to take action is the best way to get things done, in this case, raising money for research and education:
If you can, pass this link around to those who may be interested in donating. Every bit counts, so give and give as often as you can. :-)

Well, that's all for now. Keep checking in for any changes and updates and thanks again for checking in! PEACE!!!

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