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Yes folks, I am a sports fan. As you may have read in my little bio section, I am originally from Baltimore. Therefore, you may or may not know that in 1983, the beloved hometown Colts moved out of town unexpectantly. The city FINALLY got another team in 1995, and now, they are the 2000 Super Bowl Champions of the NFL!!!!

Here are a few Ravens sites to check out. They're Awesome!!

The OFFICIAL site of the Baltimore Ravens!!! It's best viewed on Internet Explorer, trust me! It's VERY graphic intense, and IE seems to be able to handle it much better than Netscape, IMO.

This site has it all. The history of the original Baltimore Colts and Ravens, news, the history of the NFL in Baltimore, and even the poem written by Edgar Allen Poe called "The Raven", which inspired the name of the team. Ravens Clubhouse on the Ravens may not know this, but there's a "slight" rivalry between the cities of Baltimore and Washington, DC. The people of Baltimore has always felt like they are in the shadow of DC. It's not like a "family feud" or anything, but let's say there's "friendly competition". At any rate, the Post has graciously written about our, since the Redskins did so lousy during the regular season, I suppose the Ravens are the next best thing to write about. (all in fun!);-) is the online companion site to the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

A modest listing of Raven sites to surf through. Here is the site to apply for the webring
Baltimore Ravens Webring Signup Page

The Silicon Valley Ravens Fan Club
Wow, a fan club in California! Fabulous! Has an excellent list of Baltimore Sports sites!!

Baltimore Ravens of 2000
The person who created this site signed my guestbook and asked if I could link up to his site, so here it is! :-)

Well, this will certainly be yet another "work in progress", so all you fans, stay tuned and thanks for your support!!!

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